Atrantil uses the synergy between science and nature to help get your digestive health back on track.

Supporting flat belly bliss

Atrantil is a natural, scientifically researched product for supporting digestive concerns that start in the small bowel. Developed by a Gastroenterologist, Atrantil offers support for gas-producing bacteria that are implicated in bloating and challenges to abdominal comfort that may lead to alternating bowel movements. After many years of research and testing, Dr. Kenneth Brown and his team developed a natural patented combination of three botanicals containing polyphenols. His team created Atrantíl, based on their understanding of how these three main natural botanicals could work together to support changes in bowel habits, as well as ongoing digestive function.

Real people with real world results

The Atrantil formula has been rigorously tested on actual gastroenterology patients with two separate research reports finding it to be over 80% supportive of digestive comfort concerns relating to excess gas and abdominal distension.What’s more, this patented blend of polyphenols also works as a prebiotic and postbiotic, to feed your good bacteria and support your microbiome’s beneficial output for overall long-term digestive health. Atrantil is proudly US designed and manufactured, using the highest processing standards and quality control measures, with best-in-class ingredients stringently sourced from around the globe for unequalled safety and purity.