Bee Propolis is the best gift from the honeybees to your health!

Active wellness naturally

NaturaNectar™ is on a mission to bring the purity, quality and uniqueness of 100% Brazilian propolis varieties to the world. For over 30 years, NaturaNectar™ has innovated and perfected the most advanced standardised propolis extracts commercially available with the development of its unique, patented Green Extraction™ solvent-free technology. The company is dedicated to supporting and activating wellness naturally through a commitment to developing trusted, science-based and doctor-formulated products, whilst also being responsible social & environmental stewards for the unique biodiversity of Brazil.

The gold-standard in propolis

Not all propolis products are created equal. Geographic origin, extraction method, solvent type, extract standardisation and manufacturing conditions all impact the quality and purity of the final product. NaturaNectar™ represents the gold standard in propolis products. By using only 100% premium Brazilian propolis sourced from the most biodiverse part of the planet and employing Green Extraction™, an exclusive, patented solvent-free extraction method that protects the fragile bioactives whilst eliminating impurities, NaturaNectar™ already has an incredible head-start on purity and potency of its propolis products. With the addition of strict quality systems and operating cGMP certified manufacturing processes, the end result is quite literally the world’s purest and most potent propolis formulations available.