Natural Vitality

Natural Vitality provides premium and efficacious products that have a valid and unique reason for being, committed to healthier and happier living. 

High quality, research-based magnesium formulas

Natural Vitality offers a range of premium magnesium-based formulas in both powder and gummy format to target key aspects of overall health and vitality, including the management of stress, supporting muscle and nervous system relaxation and providing additional nutrition to support healthy bone density and strength. The magnesium is sourced from the ocean’s rich mineral content, and, when combined with citric acid and water, creates the highly absorbable and quick-acting magnesium citrate form of magnesium. Natural Vitality are committed to sustainable formulations  that place a strong emphasis on using organic, plant-based ingredients wherever possible, with all products verified non-GMO.

Looking after people, looking after the Earth

Natural Vitality believes that real, lasting health requires the creation of a sustainable environment, with all departures from wellness having stress at their root, whether for people or for planet. This is why all Natural Vitality formulations are created from responsibly sourced ingredients, right down to the inactive ingredients including organically grown stevia, natural sweeteners, natural flavours and colours.

With a commitment to holistic sustainability a core company value, Natural Vitality’s love for the earth doesn’t stop there. A percentage of sales go to the Calm Earth Project, an environmental initiative started in 2007 that supports a variety of environmental projects such as organic and sustainable agriculture, soil restoration and remineralisation and forest planting.