Four Sigmatic

Experience Everyday Magic® with Four Sigmatic, a company founded to share feel-good Finnish traditions with the world.

Made as Nature intended

Nature knows best so why mess with the rest? Four Sigmatic® relish the natural world, the forests and wild places where functional mushrooms, adaptogens and superfoods grow. This is a company that firmly keeps the Earth in mind with all they do. 100% vegan and organic, Four Sigmatic sources natively grown, gently harvested, whole-food ingredients from around the globe and are committed to going beyond net zero carbon emissions by planting 40,000 trees to absorb more CO2 than they produce. 

Feel-good Finnish traditions 

Four Sigmatic is a company steeped in heritage. From lands rich in lakes, forests and lots of mushrooms comes the unshakeable belief that mushrooms are the key to living a healthier, happier life. Following the footsteps of his grandparents, Tero Isokauppila founded Four Sigmatic in 2012, having spent his youth on the family farm gathering mushrooms from the wild.  From a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously – just mushrooms! – comes a desire to share a little ‘Everyday Magic™’ with everyone in the form of crash-free coffee, superfood elixirs and other elevated essentials to work wonders on your day.