Ionic Copper Body Brush

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Get ready to awaken your skin, detox from within and feel 100% invigorated ever day!

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Product overview

Use skin care as self-care and elevate the classic Ayurvedic art of dry skin brushing with TheraStore's new ionic copper body brush to enjoy the spa feeling at home with this life-changing wellbeing practice!

Made from natural beechwood, with a stimulating mix of soft natural vegan sisal and ultra-fine ionic copper bristles, this unique body brush will help you feel alive with energy, support lymphatic drainage and detoxification pathways and reveal your bare skin beauty, one brushstroke at a time.

  • Get smoother, brighter-looking, exfoliated flake-free skin more receptive to nourishment
  • Support the appearance and firmness of skin by stimulating circulation and collagen production
  • Stimulate the second heart' by supporting deep down detoxification via the lymphatic system and fluid circulation
  • De-stress and recharge your innate energy levels with this rejuvenating daily practice
  • 100% natural, vegan body brush composed of sustainable beech wood, natural sisal and ultra-fine copper alloy bristles.
Benefits of copper

Long-known for its antimicrobial properties, copper has been used for thousands of years as one of the most enduring and versatile metals to benefit human health. In the Middle Ages, copper brushes were widely employed by religious orders for its energizing effect and came to be known as the monastery or energy brush.

In today's modern world, our bodies are constantly bombarded with the effects of positive ionic electrical charges that can have an impact on how we feel. Just as you experience the rejuvenating effect of being in Nature surrounded by negation ionization, the ultra-fine ionic copper bristles of the TheraStore body brush naturally produce neutralising negative ions via the friction of gentle brushstrokes on skin helping promote a feeling of earthed energy and revived wellbeing.

How to dry-skin brush for health benefits

If you are new to the ancient art and wellbeing practice of dry skin brushing, then grab our FREE step-by-step guide to learn the right way to brush your body for optimal skin, lymphatic, detoxification and energising benefits.

Download our FREE eBook to learn about dry-skin brushing.


Oval 100% natural vegan brush comprised of beechwood handle, sisal and copper alloy bristles with canvas fabric strap. Comes in convenient cotton canvas travel bag.

Dimensions: 13.5cm X 7.4cm x 3.7cm

Suggested Use
How to use:

How to use: Download our FREE eBook to learn the correct step-by-step technique for dry skin-brushing!

Best before showering or bathing on dry skin. Using light strokes, begin at your feet and work up the leg in long, even strokes to the torso; then from fingers work up arms; use circular clockwise strokes around the naval and up the chest and back to the armpits.

Take care to avoid delicate, broken or sensitive skin and use appropriate pressure as determined by sensitivity or thickness of the skin being brushed.

Recommended care:

Lightly tap your brush after each use to remove any dry skin fragments. Do not submerge or use in water. Store in a dry place.

Take care to avoid delicate, broken, sensitive or damaged skin.

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