For Baby

Supplements for babies, from infancy to toddler stage. Including when and how to give them. Additional nutrients for growth and development.

Cod Liver Oil for essential childhood nutrition

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For Baby

Supplementing a baby’s health is so very important at every stage. The necessary vitamins and minerals are essential, not only for the healthy growth and development of babies today, but in addition to that is the need to top up baby’s health, for their future health requirements. 

Supplements for Baby’s Health Nutrients  

  • Vitamin D for healthy bones and growth and a healthy immune system.  
  • Omega 3’s are essential fats containing the DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) nutrient for brain health support, information processing and mental focus.  
  • Probiotics help maintain healthy gut flora, a healthy immune system function and skin health.  
  • Calcium offers as a necessary mineral for healthy bone growth and development.  
  • Magnesium is a relaxing mineral, to help support little growing bodies with sleep and healthy development support.   
  • Zinc provides as a necessary and vital mineral for healthy immune system function and skin health support. 

Supplements for Baby’s Health Tips 

  • Additional nourishment for daily required intake. 
  • Supportive vitamins and minerals for growing needs. 
  • Natural ingredients to support health and growth in babies. 
  • Healthy development of infants during every stage. 
  • Immune system health support and general health. 
  • Probiotics and prebiotics for healthy digestion. 
  • Suitable for all children from 3 months and over. 
  • Easy to use for long-term maintenance and compliance.  


There are certain vitamins that can help benefit babies. Vitamin K for healthy circulation and healthy gut flora and digestion. Vitamin D for healthy strong bone development and immune health support. And Vitamin B12 for nervous system development and support.

The following can be worth looking at. Vitamin D has been associated with supporting a healthy immune system function, a healthy immune response and general health overall. Probiotics have been indicated in nourishing good bacteria in the gut and supporting a healthy immune response. The mineral Iron for growth, energy and healthy development. DHA for brain health and development.

If needed, you can start giving your baby an Iron supplement from the age of 4 months. Continue giving your baby the supplement until he or she is eating two or more servings a day of Iron-rich foods.

Probiotics are a core nutrient to helping reestablish healthy, friendly bacteria in the gut, which leads to healthy immune system cell production, a healthy immune response and ongoing optimal health long-term. Vitamin C in small, frequent doses, offers antioxidant support for immune system health. Elderberry is an herbal extract, shown to assist with respiratory health function and a healthy immune system.